How to verify an IELTS Certificate using the TRF, IELTS TRF number verification . Buying a certificate is no longer as secure as it used to be. With the rise of internet scams, many scammers are using the opportunity to distribute fake certificates, such as IELTS documents, as a way to make money. Those who purchase these documents risk getting caught in fraudulent activities and can face serious legal repercussions. Moreover, legitimate organizations might reject any document that was purchased online due to its inability to guarantee authenticity. Thus, buying a certificate comes with a lot of risk which can be avoided only if one exercises caution and verifies the legitimacy of any document they are purchasing beforehand.
Alternative ways to go about an  IELTS Verification.

Verification is very important and we encourage everyone to always look forward to verify the legitimacy of an IELTS certificate to avoid future issues or bans. So always seek for assistance in case you have bought an IELTS certificate from an unknown source you don’t trust. We keep encouraging you all to do so. We are here to assist you all and feel free to contact us in case you need some help. Are you in need of an IELTS certificate? Get started with  us !!

How to verify an IELTS Certificate using the TRF, IELTS TRF number verificationThe IELTS certification is provided by the British Council and IDP. In as much as they are different providers, there is a centralized IELTS UCLES Database Unit where all candidates, information, scores, test data… are being stored regardless of where they took their test. So the data become universal and accessible globally.

The IELTS Ucles tool is what is being used to fetch candidates IELTS information using their TRF number. The immigration, universities, organizations use this tool to query and verify the certificate you submitted to fulfill a requirement.

Unfortunately, this tool can only be used by recognized IELTS institutions or officials. Candidates or the public don’t have access to tool. But still we shall give you a glimpse of how the insights looks like below.


Follow this Link :

Do the following in 03 steps: 

Step 1

Simply visit the link above and input your login credentials. 

  1. Email
  2. Password
Step 2

You will be taken to the TRF query page where you will be able to input the TRF number you are trying to verify.

Step 3

If the TRF number is linked to a candidate data, you will be able to see the candidate information and scores on the new page. If you were unable to find it, it means the certificate linked to that TRF number is not genuine.

The image below should be your end result after reaching step 3.

The two main providers of the IELTS examination are British Council and IDP Education. Both organizations provide a high-quality service when it comes to preparing, administering, and evaluating the IELTS exam. They have multiple test centers across the globe, making it easier for people who are looking to take the exam. What you get here is approved by both providers. The certificate is not from any third party but from them.


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